10 symptoms you are resisting your happiness potential We all want to live happy.

6. You attract emotionally unavailable or self-centered peopleA sure method to NOT be content is usually to attract emotionally unavailable or narcissistic people. When you commit to these kinds of people, you set yourself up for a lifetime of emotional deprivation. 7. You anticipate disappointment Expecting disappointment continues pleasure at a distance. The need to be and emotionally fulfilled is the juice of life physically! Going into situations anticipating disappointment turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy frequently.The voter instruction responses are available online at.

Alabama man, nurse reunited after 40 years It took 40 years – – and the charged power of Facebook – – to make this emotional reunion happen. Sunday On, an Alabama man was finally reunited with a nurse who touched his life and helped brighten his traumatic childhood all those years ago. Gary Bentley was just 10 years previous when he underwent open heart surgery at the University of Alabama-Birmingham in 1973. As AL.com reviews, doctors discovered he needed the life-saving procedure to correct a hole in his heart shortly after Bentley and his six siblings had been taken from an abusive house and placed into foster care.