12-week course of fresh Hepatisis C drug costs $94.

Whether or not insurance companies shall cover the expenses for treating average specific policyholders remains to be seen, but doctors argue that the long-term price of treating those who don’t receive a treat will be even greater than that of the new treatment. However, it is important to consider that, even if insurance firms are willing to pay for the outrageously costly treatment, the cost will be offered to the public in the form of either higher premiums or higher taxes, while the drug’s manufacturers wallow in the obscene income derived from its sales.ActionAid’s report also criticizes the G8’s failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, insisting that climate change is already wreaking havoc on agriculture in developing countries. Anne Jellema, ActionAid’s International Director of Policy, stated: As the IPCC claims, yields from rain-fed agriculture in some African countries are likely to drop by 50 percent by 2020 due to climate transformation. This projected decline in productivity is largely caused by the emissions of the polluting countries of the G8. The G8 countries will be the world’s dirtiest emitters. They need to clean up their take action and pay the purchase price for playing havoc with the developing world’s food production.