2 Indonesian Children Die Of Bird Flu Two children from the same family members died from bird flu.

The children’s dad and one of their sisters are also in hospital with symptoms of bird flu, but assessments on bloodstream and swab samples from them have not been completed at the WHO-sanctioned lab in Hong Kong, stated Health Ministry recognized Hariadi Wibisono. The 4-year-old boy and his 13-year-old sister died last week, on Saturday but confirmation just came back from the Hong Kong laboratory, said Wibisono. Like most of Indonesia’s other cases, the victims resided on Java, a densely populated island house to over fifty % of the country’s 220 million people. The deaths were the fifth time people of the same family or close neighbors acquired contracted bird flu simultaneously in Indonesia. Health professionals watch such cases, referred to as clusters , carefully to see if there is proof that virus is passing between humans.Clinical Sites: Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators, Study Coordinators, Research others and Nurses involved in clinical research. For further sign up and information, please visit: About NextLevel Pharma NextLevel Pharma is a leading, global strategic business details and opportunity provider for the worldwide life sciences industry. NextLevel Pharma brings the life span sciences industry nearer and organise intelligent conferences and events for industry together, personalised meetings for individual companies, as well as tailored partnering services. The organizations ‘agreed to step up joint efforts to halve by 2015 the number of people coping with HIV who die from’ TB, according to the U.N.