Duncan Whitney.

Gerard A Click here . Silvestri, M.D., Anil Vachani, M.D., Duncan Whitney, Ph.D., Michael Elashoff, Ph.D., Kate Porta Smith, M.P.H., J. Scott Ferguson, M.D., Ed Parsons, Ph.D., Nandita Mitra, Ph.D., Jerome Brody, M.D., Marc E. Lenburg, Ph.D., and Avrum Spira, M.D. For the AEGIS Study Team: A Bronchial Genomic Classifier for the Diagnostic Evaluation of […]

5 billion acquisition of Belgium-based Solvay Pharmaceuticals.

The addition of Solvay Pharmaceuticals is the catalyst for Abbott’s development and leadership in this area, and can ensure Abbott gets the infrastructure, reach and item offerings to keep meeting the requirements of patients around the world. Solvay Pharmaceuticals is currently component of Abbott’s global Pharmaceutical Items Group. Werner Cautreels, chief executive officer of Solvay […]

State-based exchanges scheduled to release in 2014.

Administration sets new rule on essential health advantages The National government has released the final rule on essential health advantages, which sets the parameters for the types of benefits that must definitely be offered by insurers starting in 2014. Kaiser Health Information: Capsules: Essential Health Benefit Rule Made Final Essential benefit requirements apply to individual […]

The Greenberg gift.

$15 million pledged for creation of Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute Baltimore-area commercial real estate programmer Erwin L. Greenberg and his wife Stephanie Cooper Greenberg have got pledged a $15 million gift to create the Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancers Institute. The Greenberg gift, that is the largest designated bladder cancer analysis gift ever […]

Rajeev Malhotra.

Jonathan H Read more about this drug . Kim, M.D., Rajeev Malhotra, M.D., George Chiampas, D.O., Pierre d’Hemecourt, M.D., Chris Troyanos, A.T.C., John Cianca, M.D., Rex N. Smith, M.D., Thomas J. Wang, M.D., William O. Roberts, M.D., Paul D. Thompson, M.D., and Aaron L. Baggish, M.D. For the Competition Associated Cardiac Arrest Event Registry Study […]