$50 3D-printed component replaces $42.

Simon calls it the e-NABLE Hands, and it only price him about $50 to make, or about one-tenth of 1 1 % of what Delgado paid for his original prosthetic hand from regular medicine. And the best part about e-NABLE is normally that it’s more functional, grips better and is durable incredibly, something that Delgado isn’t able to say about his other hands. ‘It’s useful to carry boxes,’ mentioned Delgado about the functionality of the ‘Cyborg Beast,’ the colloquial name for the 3D-printed hand. ‘That one [the $42,000 hand], if I grab something, it’ll just fall out. These have more grip,’ he added, pulling on the slick, black appendages attached to the Cyborg Beast.At the 90 day time endpoint, ALN-RSV01 treatment was associated with evidence for improved recovery of lung function and a substantial statistically reduction in the incidence of progressive or new BOS. In this scholarly study, ALN-RSV01 treatment was associated with a significant reduction in the incidence of statistically RSV infection in comparison with placebo. Finally, pre-clinical studies have documented the anti-viral activity of ALN-RSV01 in rodent versions :3952-62, 2009). The ALN-RSV program can be partnered with Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd. In Asia, and Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. World-wide except Asia. Cubist will take the business lead in advancing ALN-RSV02 in the pediatric setting in continuing collaboration and 50-50 funding with Alnylam, and Cubist retains an opt-in right for ALN-RSV01 in the adult transplant indication.

Acacia boosts infusion pump technology patent portfolio Acacia Research Company announced a subsidiary has acquired patents relating to infusion pump technology from a major medical device firm.