A couple of drinks a time protects men from heart attacks Researchers in the U.

Mukamal believes the guidelines about drinking and cardiovascular disease have to be re-assessed to take into consideration the advantage of alcohol on healthful men. He believes the same benefit will be seen among healthy ladies also. Mukamal does however caution against nondrinkers needs to drink and says heart disease is one of the illnesses that people can form and his study will not consider cancer or any various other illness. Some experts say they have started recommending moderate alcoholic beverages use to their individuals as there is powerful evidence suggesting that alcohol reduces the chance of heart attacks by increasing the degrees of the good cholesterol HDL in the blood and reducing the risk of clotting.. A couple of drinks a time protects men from heart attacks Researchers in the U.S.Your ophthalmologist will discuss the cons and advantages of medical treatment versus observation with you. Despite having such risk factors as a suspicious searching optic nerve, an optic nerve defect, or a family history of glaucoma, you may only be observed.Your situation and risk factors are carefully evaluated to determine the odds of glaucomatous damage and to measure the necessity and effectiveness of treatment.In general, most ophthalmologists medically deal with those with IOP in excess of 30 mm Hg because of the high risk of optic nerve harm.In case you are glaucoma suspect and at high risk, your ophthalmologist might opt to treat you with a number of medicated eyedrops, which have been been shown to be beneficial in lowering IOP.