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Army Medical Study Institute of Infectious Diseases . Having access to this content will allow Akonni Biosystems to more rapidly commercialize a family of highly multiplexed lab tests for analysis and in vitro diagnostics uses in global bio-security applications. Financial conditions were not disclosed. Related StoriesNew medical chemistry analyzer released by EKF at Medica 2015Point-of-treatment diagnostics for EbolaNew study from TSRI and Salk points to reason behind debilitating nerve disease We are excited to partner with USAMRIID on developing a series of low-price, multiplex testing items to safeguard our war-fighters, first citizens and responders from many of the most dangerous bio-threat agents known to man, says Akonni’s CEO, Dr.Stromal cells, for his or her part, form the support structure of an organism. Bone Marrow Stromal Cells are non-hematogenic stem cells, which can become, inter alia, cells of the central nervous system. Greek scientists at the University of Thessaloniki have got conducted in vitro examinations to determine whether these BMSCs may survive in the presence of cytokines, several peptides and proteins that play a role in individual immune and special inflammatory responses. These types of inflammatory environments are present for example in sufferers with multiple sclerosis. The essential experiment was extremely encouraging, which is why bone marrow stromal cells had been tested as a cell-based therapy for treating multiple sclerosis, described Professor Milonas and noted that the transplantation of neural stem cells has already been tested in an animal research executed by a Greek-Israeli team of researchers: The possible aftereffect of stem cells on multiple sclerosis was also examined in this model experiment.