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Neuroleptics are the class of medicines often used to manage or control neuropsychiatric problems, but there have been questions about their appropriateness and safety. Safety concerns, in this combined band of patients especially, are an increased threat of stroke, parkinsonism, sedation, edema, and chest infections. There can also be a worsening of cognitive decline with prolonged use of neuroleptics. The findings in the sufferers studied here usually do not indicate any good thing about continuing neuroleptic therapies in old patients with dementia. However, the numbers of patients studied in this trial is small.Thyroid dysfunction is common in the grouped community. The prevalence of hyperthyroidism is normally around 1 to 2 percent and hypothyroidism 5 to 10 percent, with a solid female predominance. Other causes add a toxic multinodular goitre, toxic thyroiditis and adenoma. A technetium-99m nuclear thyroid uptake scan and measurement of thyroid receptor antibodies are the most useful initial investigations for determining the cause of hyperthyroidism, if it’s not apparent clinically. Treatment of hyperthyroidism generally involves antithyroid medications , radioactive iodine or total thyroidectomy. Careful up-titration of thyroxine dose is required in treatment of hypothyroidism usually.