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For instance, retirees can consult personal hypothetical ‘imagine if’ questions, determine if their doctor participates in a specific plan, and review costs of varied medical and drug plans. It saves retirees money by providing access to group purchasing and unbiased assistance in complementing plans to their individual needs. My Medicare Advocate includes a nationwide Medicare item network from medical health insurance carriers to ensure insurance coverage for retirees in any location..The recent issuance of a fresh U.S. Patent gives us extra intellectual property safety which units the stage for about 15 years of revenue generation after our prepared launch. Overall, we believe that we are well positioned to create considerable value for our stockholders and possibly help the significant number of individuals in the U.S. Who suffer from PBA currently.’ RECENT HIGHLIGHTS AND UPCOMING MILESTONES: CLINICAL Applications AND PIPELINE Zenvia in PBA Announced that the business filed the entire Response to the October 30, 2006 NDA Approvable Letter with an authorization decision on the PBA application consequently expected in the 4th calendar quarter of 2010.