AARP poll: Iowa.

17 and 18 who stated they would attend the Iowa caucuses. The poll posesses 4.9 % margin of error . MSNBC: AARP SURVEY: According To A Study By AARP, Old Iowans Are Against Producing Cuts To Social Security And Medicare In Order To SLICE THE Nation’s Deficit A study by the AARP, the biggest lobbying group for old Americans, displays Iowans are against trimming Public Security and Medicare benefits to reduce the federal government deficit. AARP polled 400 likely Republican caucus goers. Sixty-five-% said they oppose the cuts. The majority of those polled also say they choose withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan to save lots of money, rather than cutting Medicare or Sociable Security. AARP’s Iowa Condition President Tony Vola says, ‘What the survey highlights is that there’s a significant disconnect between Washington and the Republican caucus-goers in Iowa, who will be essential in determining another Republican presidential nominee,’ .Brian Primack said that findings were significant statistically, even after managing for other risk factors for smoking. By the next year, 38 % of the baseline e-cigarette users had began smoking cigarettes traditional tobacco cigarettes. It clearly raises concern about the effect of e-smokes as a gateway for youth and young adults to changeover into traditional cigarettes, said Cliff Douglas, director of the American Tumor Society Tobacco Control Middle. It’s one more little bit of proof in emerging data in this area.