After months of denial.

‘The dilemma is that they’ve always said it does not spread through the atmosphere,’ stated gastroenterologist Dr. Roshini Raj. ‘But the truth is, when we talk about airborne diseases we mean without droplets. If germs are circulating through the fresh air, can you get it? No, you can’t obtain it. But if droplets with Ebola enter your eyes, mouth or nose, you can get the virus.’ The CDC has also since come out to admit that Ebola can travel through the air flow up to 3 feet via airborne particulates. This means that infected people can spread the condition at restaurants potentially, in trains, at churches and where folks are gathered elsewhere.Related StoriesFDA accepts Allergan's resubmission of BOTOX sBLA for treatment of adults with top limb spasticityStudy shows half of adolescents misuse their prescription drugsMisuse of prescription drugs common amongst U.S. University studentsFDA also considers the seized Age Intervention Eyelash to become an adulterated cosmetic. The merchandise contains bimatoprost, a dynamic ingredient within an FDA-approved drug to take care of elevated intraocular pressure . For sufferers using the prescription medication, using this Intervention Eyelash in addition to the drug may raise the threat of optic nerve harm because the extra dose of bimatoprost may reduce the prescription drug’s efficiency.