Agro moms direct childs behavior Experts led by Steven R.

Mothers who obtained higher on the self-reported VA Level engaged in more regular directing of their child’s behavior during the play activities. These moms were more likely to control activity choices along with the duration and speed of activities. High VA mothers did so repeatedly and in a fashion that tended to enforce an activity choice they had made. Low VA mothers were more likely to check out their child’s lead or seek their child’s input about choice of activity. High VA moms used physical negative touch when trying to change their child’s actions. Types of parental PNT by high VA moms included restraining a child by the shoulder or the wrist to prevent him or her from reaching a toy. No instances of PNT occurred for low VA moms.Source VTT Technical Study Centre.

Advancements in total hip replacement procedure make young patients choose surgery Traditionally, total hip replacement surgery was performed on the elderly, but these full days, advancements in the procedure have patients deciding on the surgery much earlier in life. At 42-years-previous, Bernadette Pletcher is one such patient. The mother of three recently underwent total hip substitute surgery for pain due to arthritis and the full total loss of cartilage of her left hip that had developed from an old injury. ‘Not only was my flexibility restored but I’m grateful to maintain with my family once again.’ Related StoriesYoga enhances physical, mental wellbeing of individuals living with common forms of arthritisACR releases 2015 Guideline for Treatment of Rheumatoid ArthritisUniversity of Manchester scientists identify brain mechanism that raises discomfort thresholdCoastal Orthopedics’ John Ayres, MD is the surgeon who performed Pletcher’s hip replacing surgery.