Alere awarded grant to build up technologies for TB detection Alere Inc.

We are very excited to really have the support of the Gates Foundation in fighting probably the most harmful infectious diseases, and we remain committed to offering solutions that improve health outcomes for individuals coping with HIV.’ ‘Although significant improvement has been made in combating tuberculosis in the last 25 years, it continues to be among the leading causes of death worldwide. The Gates Basis has put its support behind the business to apply these same principles in addressing the TB epidemic and possibly saving an incredible number of lives.’ Development on the TB assay provides commenced, and validation for its use is expected within the next 24 months..Employees and the public deserve understand about the business’s pricing and policies on its AIDS medications.’.

Developments in biomedical imaging may lead to more sensitive screening tests for cancer-fighting drugs Improvements in biomedical imaging are allowing UC Davis researchers to use mice better to study cancers much like human disease. The system can distinguish different stages of cancer and could lead to more sensitive screening checks for cancer-fighting medications. Positron emission tomography is trusted for detecting and following cancer in human sufferers. It functions by following short-lived radioactive tracers that are taken up by fast-growing cancer cells. PET scanners used for humans don’t have the resolution to image an animal as small as a mouse.