And will cease accepting brand-new applications effective immediately.

AAD SEAL OF RECOGNITION program to be phased out FDA Sunscreen Monograph Expected to Provide Assistance to Manufacturers and the Public about Effective Sun-Protection Items The American Academy of Dermatology has decided to phase out its AAD SEAL OF RECOGNITION program over the next two years, and will cease accepting brand-new applications effective immediately. Products which were accepted into the program ahead of November 15, 2009, will continue steadily to carry the AAD SEAL OF Reputation until the end of their two-year terms. With the expectation that the FDA will soon be issuing a sunscreen monograph that may likely be aligned with the stringent criteria of the AAD SEAL OF RECOGNITION program, the Panel of Directors motivated that the need for the program would be diminished and decided to phase out this program, said dermatologist David M.Neither of these parties endorse or suggest any commercial products, services, or equipment.

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