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In addition, pursuant to the merger contract between ARC Health care, Ventas, Inc. and certain related celebrations, ARC Healthcare agreed to pay a stub period dividend to its stockholders for the period from the most recent common share dividend record date through the last working day prior to the closing of the merger between ARC Health care and Ventas, which remains at the mercy of the closing conditions occur the merger contract forth, including the authorization of ARC Healthcare's stockholders. The stub period dividend will reflect a fraction of ARC Health care's regular common share dividend by dividing the amount of days elapsed since the last common share dividend record date, January 8, 2015, through the last business day to the closing of the merger prior, divided by the amount of days in the month where the stub period dividend will be paid.To maximize the standard of the images the team employed a high-tech laser light source produced by collaborators from the Ludwig-Maximilians University. The laser beam enabled unprecedented high-speed imaging and managed at a near-infrared wavelength that offered better penetration into epidermis cells. Related StoriesJumping genes: a marker for early cancer analysis? An interview with Dr KazazianGenetic carrier screening: an interview with Don Hardison, CEO of Good Begin GeneticsRapid, award earning diagnostic checks to be offered at MEDICA High speed is of paramount importance to be able to picture lesions in vivo and in situ while minimizing the effect of involuntary patient motion, explains researcher Cedric Blatter of MUW.