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Bardoxolone methyl is one of the first orally obtainable antioxidant Nrf2 activators. A little previous study demonstrated that bardoxolone methyl reduced swelling and oxidative stress13 and induced a decline in the serum creatinine level. In the 52-Week Bardoxolone Methyl Treatment: Renal Function in CKD/Type 2 Diabetes trial,15 227 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and around GFR of 20 to 45 ml each and every minute per 1.73 m2 had a significant upsurge in the estimated GFR that was sustained over the complete trial period.All rights reserved.. AARP says bipartisan amendment can bring down medication costs SUMMARY: The U.S. Senate today rejected an amendment to the individual Protection and Affordable Treatment Act that would have helped make prescription drugs more affordable by allowing for the secure and legal importation of more affordable drugs from overseas. The bipartisan amendment, endorsed by AARP and sponsored by Senators Dorgan, Snowe, McCain, Grassley and Stabenow, would have improved competition and helped to lower the skyrocketing costs of prescription medications. The Senate rejected another amendment sponsored by Sen also. Lautenberg which would have created an unneeded roadblock for prescription drug importation.