Executive secretary and director to the board of the TB Actions Group.

O’Carroll, Tarakhovsky and colleagues generated transgenic mice harboring mutated versions of Ago2 in their bone marrow. The researchers found that Ago2 is, indeed, quite essential for normal bloodstream cell development. Its endonulcease activity, however, is not. The scientists could actually restore erythropoiesis in Ago2-deficient mice by expressing a mutated version of Ago2 that lacks its endonuclease activity, therefore demonstrating that the role of Ago2 in the hematopoietic system is independent of its slicer activity. Rather, Dr. Colleagues and O’Carroll discovered that Ago2 regulates miRNA biogenesis in blood cells. ‘Our results claim that the effector function of miRNA in somatic cells relies mainly on translational control of gene expression rather than on destruction of the mRNA targets.Regarding the studies of VSMCs, this process has been used to monitor cell migration, cell-substrate adhesion forces and the healing up process. However, typical wound healing assays are conducted in micro-plates and cannot reproduce local vascular injuries and reconstruct regional microenvironments of VSMCs.Microfluidics may be the research and technology of manipulating and detecting fluids in the micro level. Because of dimensional comparisons with biological cells, microfluidics has been used to create even more in vivo like cell lifestyle models, allowing tumour, neuron, and vascular studies.Even more specifically, microfluidics based wound healing assays have been proposed as effective equipment for cell migration research, that may mimic in vivo like local microenvironments more than conventional wound healing assays carefully.