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More individuals in the laquinimod group than in the placebo group had alanine aminotransferase amounts which were greater than three times the top limit of the standard range but significantly less than or equal to 5 occasions the upper limit . On the other hand, alanine aminotransferase levels that were greater than 5 times the top limit of the normal range occurred equally often in both groups and led to equal prices of discontinuation. Elevations to ideals that were up to or equal to 5 times the higher limit of the normal range usually occurred within the initial 6 months, and in all cases, they were reversible either without discontinuation of the study drug or within 2 months after discontinuation.Businesses unveil changes to employee insurance plans. This is the initial such enrollment period since companies could assess the full financial impact of the federal government health-care overhaul, and it is an integral moment as companies function to lower their spending ahead of looming taxes on the many generous plans. Many companies are continuing to change more costs to workers. Phoenix-centered technology distributor Avnet Inc., for instance, is paring back its traditional plans and only high-deductible options. Other companies are reducing insurance coverage for spouses, relating to consultants at Towers Watson & Co.