If you are among the unlucky ones who didnt escape unscathed.

The report found that ‘[m]ore than half of the world’s chronically undernourished children beneath the age of 5 live in South Asia,’ the Associated Press/MSNBC reports. In another Reuters content, ‘Daniel Toole, regional director for UNICEF South Asia, said. Traditional practices and beliefs and also the shortage of protein-wealthy food for infants were mostly to blame.’ Regarding to Toole, ‘Low birth weight babies from young moms who are forced into early marriages, females who do not exclusively breastfeed and a poor choice of food directed at children from age six months are all factors’ .’ Record Examines Malnutrition Financing In related information, Medecins Sans Frontieres released a written report that examines financing for global malnutrition, IRIN reports .Generally, people in countries with lower prices of smoking had a greater tendency to admit that they felt less sympathetic to people with lung cancer, weighed against other styles of cancer. However, the pattern isn’t perfect, which suggests that additional cultural or traditional factors have got an important role to play also. ‘The results of the study raise the query of how stigma towards the victims of lung cancers – smokers and nonsmokers alike – impacts the support they obtain, particularly from the healthcare system,’ said Heather Borquez, CEO and president of The Canadian Lung Association.