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Ingestion of business lead by children in the amount found in this product may result in impaired neurological function over prolonged intervals. These impacts may be compounded by publicity from other resources where low degrees of lead are normally found, including food and water. Individuals are advised to talk with their healthcare practitioner if their child has used this product and they have concerns about their child's health. Consumers also needs to report any adverse health events to Health Canada..Also, stay informed about pandemic preparedness strategies with the free downloadable MP3 audio files at.

Advice for patients who’ve been taking Bextra or Celebrex The recent announcement that Celebrex, a popular pain medication in the same family as Vioxx, has been found to pose an elevated risk of heart disease is bound to keep many pain patients stunned, worried and confused. The Celebrex information comes just one single week after the Food & Medication Administration required the maker of Bextra, another medication in the same category of Cox-II medicines, to warn sufferers of a heart risk connected with that medication. Not to mention, Vioxx has been off the market since October, when it had been pulled because of mounting proof that it carried center risks.