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The surgeries restored a lot of face and allowed her to breathe normally. But the January 2010 earthquake that rocked Haiti rocked her family members as well. Several died. Marlie and her mother survived to find themselves homeless and looking for another life-saving medical procedures for Marlie. ‘Tissue is usually obliterating the nasal passages. Which means that the lesion is growing and expanding in the mouth and the palate is definitely virtually invading the nasal cavity,’ Dr. Jesus Gomez with UM/Jackson Medical center told WFOR. Doctors say another medical procedures will end up being needed by her to make area in her nasal passages thus she can breathe freely. ‘She’s come up to now and has overcome so much – we will not let her die and we are appealing to the community for help,’ Janelle Prieto, Director of IKFs Wonderfund, told WFOR.Shaving brushes drive the cream in to the hair making it easy to shave. Barbers recommend using a brush made from badger hair since it lifts the hair up and actually coats the hair with cream. Using a brush makes for a creamier lather and a closer shave also. As a bonus, a closer shaves exfoliates pores and skin sloughing off dead skin cells also. 4. USE QUALITY SHAVING CREAM Many men do not use shaving cream to save. Dermatologists and barbers agree that this is a poor idea. Unlike soaps, shaving creams have a high focus of lubricants and moisturizers. The best sort of shaving cream to buy is the less foamy ones.