On February 25.

Adamis acquires prostrate medication candidates from Colby Pharmaceuticals Adamis Pharmaceuticals Company , today announced the completion of the acquisition from Colby Pharmaceuticals of the remaining exclusive license agreements relating to two drug product applicants for the treatment of prostate cancers drug store . On February 25, 2010, Adamis announced the signing of a definitive contract to acquire exceptional licenses covering three small molecule substances, named APC-100, APC-200 and APC-300. Adamis provides contracted for the manufacture recently, formulation and fill up of APC-100.

They come in the form of medicated eyedrops . To surgery Prior, the ophthalmologist prescribes medicines to reduce the pressure in the eyesight and to get rid of the cloudiness of the cornea that occurs during an acute assault of angle-closure glaucoma. In severe angle-closure glaucoma, several medicines are accustomed to accelerate and maximize their pressure-lowering effects simultaneously. The medications lower IOP by increasing the outflow of the fluid from the attention or by decreasing the production of liquid in the eye.. Acute Angle-Closure Glaucoma TREATMENT There is no curative treatment for acute angle-closure glaucoma.