Representing doctors who specialize in colon and endoscopy cancers screening.

I’m proud to be dealing with the ASGE, a business with a long history of educating the public about colon cancers. I encourage all African-Americans, aged 45 and over, to speak to their doctor about screening for cancer of the colon. It might save their existence. The broadcast PSA directs audiences to ASGE’s colon cancer awareness Site, The site offers visitors an abundance of information including factual statements about colon screening and malignancy options, what to expect throughout a colonoscopy, answers to frequently asked questions, links to affected person advocacy and organizations, informational videos, and where to find a qualified gastrointestinal endoscopist. In case you are on Facebook, utilize the search term Peter and Polly Polyp to find ASGE’s colon cancer awareness Facebook web page or just click here: The PSA was permitted by a grant from Fujinon Endoscopy, a division of Fujifilm..The study was funded by the National Heart partly, Lung, and Blood Institute and the National Institutes of Wellness.. Administering immunoglobulins to pregnant women may prevent Rh blood vessels disorder in newborns Swedish researchers determined that administering anti-D antibodies to women that are pregnant who were Rhesus D detrimental could prevent hemolytic disease in the infant. Findings published in Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica, a journal of the Nordic Federation of Societies of Obstetrics and Gynecology, indicate that offering anti-D prophylaxis to mothers without the anti-D antigen through the 28-30 week of being pregnant may prevent the Rh blood disorder in newborns. Hemolytic disease can be a kind of anemia caused by a higher than normal destruction of red blood cells.