That is just what occurs at EPIC.

SOURCE Aegis Living.. Aegis Living’s annual meeting on how employees can better fulfill themselves Visualize a corporate annual meeting that seeks to personally enlighten and transform the people attending solely. That is just what occurs at EPIC, Aegis Living’s annual meeting beneath the vision of Chairman and CEO Dwayne Clark. As a nationwide leader in pension, assisted living, and memory treatment communities, Aegis Living is normally in the business of taking care of society’s ‘Greatest Generation.’ Dwayne fundamentally believes that in order to care for others, you must first look after yourself and that starts with EPIC.During the average 5-season follow-up period, 63 individuals converted from BP-NOS to either BP-I or BP-II. Factors associated with transformation included white race, life time background of psychiatric hospitalization, intensity of manic symptoms at intake, and a poor lifetime background of psychotic symptoms. Of those that converted, 58 percent acquired a history of family mania or hypomania, which was found to end up being the strongest predictor of transformation. The clinical implications of this scholarly study are highlighted within an accompanying editorial by Deputy Editor Ellen Leibenluft, M.D., who explains that Axelson et al.