The election was controlled.

Let’s display what a real hacking test appears like. Let’s have the most talented among you screen your stuff. Naturally, particular conditions apply. We have to know this is actually the genuine California vote-count system we’re dealing with. Not some phony version. We have to understand there are no tips up anybody’s sleeve. No normal info pathways becoming blocked off. I say, if Pentagon and Interpol and FBI and NASA systems can be hacked, the California voting program can be cracked like an egg and manipulated, without departing apparent traces or alerting officials.However, a report by a Florida Condition University researcher has discovered that African-American children have a tendency to be diagnosed afterwards than white kids, which results in an extended and more intensive intervention. The reasons for later diagnoses include a lack of access to quality, affordable, culturally competent health care, relating to Martell Teasley, a co-employee professor in Florida State’s College of Sociable Work who has carried out a comprehensive overview of researchliterature on autism and African-American children.