The underlying mechanism is not very well understood.

Anne M. Molloy, Ph.D ., Edward V. Quadros, Ph.D., Jeffrey M. Sequeira, M.S., James F. Troendle, Ph.D., John M. Scott, Sc.D., Peadar N. Kirke, F.F.P.H.M.We., and James L. Mills, M.D.: Insufficient Association between Folate-Receptor Neural-Tube and Autoantibodies Defects Although periconceptional folic acid supplementation can prevent neural-tube defects, the underlying mechanism is not very well understood. The hypothesis that embryonic uptake of folate may be impaired by circulating maternal folate-receptor autoantibodies presents a biologically plausible mechanism for the pathogenesis of folate-responsive neural-tube defects.

‘Green’ Public Housing May Help Families Breathe Easier: – TUESDAY, Oct. 20, 2015 – – Low-income families living in ‘green’ public housing may have fewer problems with asthma and additional respiratory conditions, a new study finds. Researchers discovered that children surviving in Boston’s newer, greener general public casing had fewer asthma attacks, hospital visits and missed school days, compared with their peers in standard public housing. Adults, in the meantime, were less likely to report symptoms consistent with a condition called ‘sick building syndrome’ – – which include dizziness, headaches, nausea and eye irritation.