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Developing the Avert Program and obtaining FDA clearance in such a short period of period is normally testament to the capabilities of our team at Osprey and possibly opens up further thrilling opportunities for the company. We will shortly begin to commercialize AVERT in a controlled manner to demonstrate recognition and adoption patterns among select key opinion leading physicians.S. Product sales programs. Upon completion of these activities, the ongoing company will begin a controlled U.S.This new protein seems to play a crucial role. Every time we look at a cell degenerating, this particular proteins was deposited abnormally in the cell. It had been a common denominator, clarifies Strong, who is the Dean of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry also. Dealing with Dr. Rob Hegele at Robarts, we discovered there was a genetic mutation in the gene coding for this protein. Therefore it's an enormous discovery. Unlike most proteins that have one important function, this one offers two. One side works with RNA. The various other side has the capacity to regenerate or to cope with an injury. We think those are competitive actions so if it's doing 1, it's not available to do the other, says Strong.