Tomatoes CONSTITUTE Bulk of Americans Veggie Intake: THURSDAY.

Department of Agriculture, finds that potatoes now constitute 30 % of the vegetables grown and processed for Americans each year, while tomatoes constitute 22 %. Toss in lettuce , and these three vegetables comprise 59 % of the vegetables grown for and distributed to Americans, according to 2013 USDA data. This may spell problems with regards to nutrition, the agency said, because people may not be getting the full selection of nutrients provided by a multitude of vegetables. One nutrition expert agreed. Variety is so essential in a healthy diet plan across the board, said authorized dietitian Dana Angelo White colored.We intend to support Qutenza with this existing medical and infrastructure, which includes one of the sector's best neurology sales forces, said Ron Cohen, M.D., Acorda's President and CEO. Furthermore, we will leverage our neurology expertise to judge NP-1998 for the treating neuropathic pain, with an initial emphasis on unpleasant diabetic neuropathy. This adds another important potentially, late stage item to our pipeline. Acorda made an around $8 million payment to acquire development and commercialization rights for Qutenza and NP-1998 in the United States, Canada, Latin America and certain other territories, including $7 million paid to NeurogesX and approximately $900,000 for certain assumed accounts payable.