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Other results from the same study are pending and include fitness data based on more objective actions including treadmill tests. The rate of childhood weight problems has a lot more than doubled in young kids and tripled in adolescents over the past three decades, the CDC reports. This year 2010, a lot more than 33 […]

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One of the report’s other major findings was that older adolescent girls experiencing major depressive episodes were much more likely to receive treatment than younger types – about two-fifths of ladies age 15 to 17 received treatment instead of only one third of the girls aged 12 to 14.. Adolescent girls three times more most […]

AUL Action opposes anti-life health care bill At 8:00 p.

SOURCE Americans United forever Action.. AUL Action opposes anti-life health care bill At 8:00 p.m. Tonight, the Senate is definitely likely to vote on cloture on the Motion to Check out debate on Senate Bulk Innovator Harry Reid’s pro-abortion healthcare expenses. Sixty Senators’ votes are needed for the bill to move forwards. While this vote […]

AHRQ finds 52 percent increase in medication side effects.

Hospitals for accidental injuries and ailments from taking medicines jumped 52 % between 2004 and 2008 – from 1.2 million to 1 1.9 million – according to the latest Information and Numbers from the Company for Healthcare Study and Quality. These medication side injuries and effects resulted from taking or being given the wrong medicine […]

Together with its 80th Annual Scientific Meeting in Miami.

Marshall, Executive Director of the AANS. Related StoriesClinical trial initiated to determine feasibility, basic safety of concentrated ultrasound to treat depressionUCSF research on feeling disorders aims to advance understanding and treatment of depressionResearchers develop strategies to prevent pediatric head accidental injuries from toppled Television setsWhile a lot more than 300,000 sports-related concussions occur in the […]

Adolescents take that first step in halting the growing rates of HIV.

The average overall score for ever-users was 47.4, compared with 54.6 among never-users. The lowest total score – the most favorable – was 15, the median score was 60, and the highest – or least favorable – was 105. Overall typical favorability scores among women and men were identical at 48 nearly.5 and 48.9, the […]

Advobus Independence Tour for promoting healthy living and general wellness AdvoCare.

On December 28 It concludes, at the AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl in Shreveport, La., with a matchup between the Big and SEC 12. Related StoriesCEO Council, BPC call on U.S. Georgia vs. .. Advobus Independence Tour for promoting healthy living and general wellness AdvoCare, a premiere health and wellness company in Dallas, is traveling across […]

College Kids Easily Get Contraband ADHD Drugs.

College Kids Easily Get Contraband ADHD Drugs, Other Meds: – MONDAY, Oct journal . 19, 2015 – – It’s easy for U.S. University students to illegally obtain stimulants and other prescription medications on campus, a fresh survey finds. 70 percent of the a lot more than 3,900 respondents said it had been somewhat easy or […]

Accuray forms strategic alliance with Siemens Accuray.

At the same time, the addition of key elements of Accuray’s state-of-the-artwork technology will enhance our radiation oncology products. We look forward to working closely with Accuray to realize the entire potential of the combination of radiation treatment and advanced imaging, said Holger Schmidt, CEO of Oncology Care Systems at Siemens Health care.. Accuray forms […]

Tomatoes CONSTITUTE Bulk of Americans Veggie Intake: THURSDAY.

Department of Agriculture, finds that potatoes now constitute 30 % of the vegetables grown and processed for Americans each year, while tomatoes constitute 22 %. Toss in lettuce , and these three vegetables comprise 59 % of the vegetables grown for and distributed to Americans, according to 2013 USDA data. This may spell problems with […]

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