Treatment side effects and psychological causes.

Advanced cancer individuals have less quality sleep Patients with stage four cancer are more susceptible to disturbed sleeping patterns because of factors such as pain, treatment side effects and psychological causes, in the June 1st issue of the journal SLEEP according to a study published . The study, executed by Kyriaki Mystakidou, MD, PhD, and co-workers at the University of Athens, Greece, was completed by 102 individuals with the average age of 62.8 years and who had stage four cancer.

Insurance coverage improves access to services Adults with medical health insurance insurance coverage were almost doubly likely to have obtained mental health services during the previous 12 months as adults without health insurance. Stigma, cultural factors might impede access to services Men, adults aged 65 or older, and Latino and Asian immigrant organizations were far less more likely to seek help with a mental doctor than other groups. The authors note that these findings claim that stigma and cultural factors might pose a substantial barrier to care.. Adults need help for mental, emotional medical condition: Study In a thorough new research of mental health position and the usage of mental health providers by Californians, the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research found that nearly one in five adults in the condition – about 4.9 million people – said they needed help for a mental or psychological health problem.